New Years Galaxy Makeup

Hi Fiends!!

I was a galactic goth for my friends New Years party!! The whole look took 2 hours. I am so PUMPED for this new year!! 2016 was a shit year for me but I grew as a person in so many astounding ways. I sucked up going to countless interviews for jobs (wore lots of neutral makeup looks I never photographed), gathered up my courage to network and wound up meeting and photographing some AWE-Mazing artists like Munjo Munjo and MushpaMensa (go look at their work and buy both artists stuff, seriously!! I don’t recommend shit to buy lol), finished my certificate in design, and am now trying to pursue my dream career in the arts!!



I couldn’t fit my outfit photo well enough into my New Years makeup photos, so here is my quickly taken outfit photo in my second collage (sun was going down and I only had my face done at that point) along side a photo of me and my mom ūüéČ.

Come on guys, 2017 awaits…

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Love PBFiend :3



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