Merr Chrimus 2016!!

Hi Fiends!!

I have been MIA on most of social media for about…1 month? There’s a really good reason, drumroll pleeease:

I have a NEW JOB!!

aaaand I worked my butt off at this job for two weeks straight and got promoted to full time!!


At least I have time to post a quick photo. The top photo was from thanksgiving this year and while I like it, it’s what I force (and pressure myself) into dressing for the holidays with family vs when I dress with no family and am myself for the holidays šŸ˜œ. In the future I hope things will change for me but parts of my family judge me HARD at xmas so I stopped seeing them years ago, it’s better to be myself than try to please people and fight with them.

You have probably been reading things like these all day, but I hope everyone will have a good new year! My xmas was uneventful but peaceful. This year wasn’t a fun year and each new daunting year can be fun and exciting for all of us. I’ll just end it here and stop blabbing >_<.

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Love PBFiend :3