Meeting Mushpa y Mensa

Hi Fiends!!

I recently visited my local flea market that was having a chili cook off (that post is here) and came upon a glorious colorful truck filled with magical things inside that I was able to photograph! The owners (Cara and Maria) of this truck go by the name Mushpa y Mena. They were two very sweet and passionate girls (hey, just like me!) who I could tell put their heart and soul into their business! I had so much fun chatting with them and getting to know a little bit more about this passion of theirs while also getting permission from them to photograph them. Check out their story and my photos of them down below, they were so much fun to be around. I hope to meet them again in the future!



This photo was so much fun to take!


Handmade and screen printed tshirts


Thank you for reading!!

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