Photographing Sick Chick Flicks

UPDATE: I quit working for this woman, read why here

Hi Fiends!!

I wanted to share some photos of a film festival I attended over the weekend. It was great to be with like-minded artsy folks for sure! I really welcomed the change. I know you won’t know any of these people (unless you were there of course) but none the less I hope you enjoy this post!


Foundation-free and carefree photographing the director of the festival. I love my guest pass!!

The director was nice enough to give me a guest pass, she was very sweet! I also made my cotton candy dangle earrings and sell them in my etsy shop if anyone ever wants to purchase from me :).



Entrance to the theater


The movie poster


The lovely director who organized the entire event

I really hope to see all the people I met in the future soon! They were all very nice people. The films were all amazing, all the filmmakers were listed as amateur but a lot of them did not deserve that title simply because they did not make amateur films in my opinion, they were grade A quality for sure!! Can’t wait to attend next year…

Thank you for reading!!

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Love PBFiend :3



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