Seslens Simms Gold Contact Lens Review

Hi Everyone!!

I wanted to make a quick review of some lenses I bought from a website I had just discovered this year. My moonlight circle lenses from my favorite “colors of the wind” series expired, so I was on the hunt for some new gold circle lenses! I have been having trouble finding circle lenses from the colors of the wind series in my prescription, if you know any site besides Uniqso that sells the colors of the wind series with a prescription, send it my way, please!! They were my favorite series that I can’t find (IFairy Lens doesn’t have my prescription option), so I’m obviously finding substitutes. The colors of the wind series has been one of my favorites because they have such a subtle and natural but vibrant effect if that makes sense. My favorite was the moonlight lenses because the gold blended in with the gold already present in my hazel eyes :D. Anyway…


Left: SES’s package Right: My lenses!

My package was inside an envelope I had to drive to the post office to retrieve because I was not at home to sign my package when the post woman arrived. I didn’t think my package was going to arrive in a glittery stapled foam square (it’s a first) but at least everything arrived safe.

The lenses did not hurt inserting them. I wanted an eye catching gold like my moonlight pair, and was very disappointed when I realized the color was natural (it blended in with my hazel eyes so it looks like I just have bigger hazel eyes than normal), but on the bright side I know my money did not go to waste because I can wear these for work! And I just love how comfortable they were the entire day, I couldn’t feel them after I put them into my eyes.


Top photo: normal eyes second photo: one lens in Rest of the photos: Both lenses in

All in all, I love these natural lenses! Go ahead and like SESLens’s page, they are a small company that has some great contacts I plan to buy more of in the future!

Thank you for reading!!

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Love PBFiend :3


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