Photographing Milagro Saints

Hi Everyone!!

Oh my gosh, I feel super human posting twice in one month! Anyway, I was invited to one amazing farm party last night-there was good food, music, and toasty bon fires!


My makeup that night! Is my holographic hat blinding you? 😉

I used the coastal scents palette for my eye makeup and was obsessed with how shimmery the orange was on my eyelids!! I used Revlon colorstay skinny eyeliner to try and draw my tiny bats on, but I rushed them and need some more practice on those, haha! The makeup took me 3 whole hours. The colors I used for my makeup also remind me of candy corn! The white specks are stars and the red thing on the side of my cheek is a moon. I have some cool news, I now have a public and professional facebook page now! The public page is where I post my makeup, outfits, art etc. and the professional page is only for…well, my professional artwork and things I make or do where I get paid. I would love it if you liked or followed them…

Enough of me blabbing, enjoy the rest of this post with photos of the band “Miligro Saints”, they are awesome! I advise everyone to PLEASE go check out their music and social media pages, here is their Facebook page for starters.


Waiting for the band to play…


Lovely fog and lights!


Lead vocals in action


I loved when the lights changed to purple, it made a happy accident type backdrop!


Awesome violinist playing away


Wrapping up the show…

Thank you for reading!!

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Love PBFiend :3


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