Snack Time


I wanted to make a quick post- it’s a slippery slope when I don’t post in a month to end up not posting for…months. So I am getting back into the game starting small. First, I have a song:

I like big MUGS and I can not lie
All my friends can not deny
That when a cracker walks in with that multigrain taste
and that goat cheese in your face
you get SPRUNG…

Totally not inspired by “baby got back” today, album will be out soon once I get out of the recording studio 😉 .

I haven’t done food photography in years, since I left for college actually! It was fun to photograph my snack today, you should give it a try: multigrain crackers (I love Breton crackers) with goat cheese, cheddar cheese is optional, turkey (I had mesquite turkey from Publix), honey, and some sea salt. I would’ve added figs if I had some. I don’t drink tea but I love hot water with lemon at times, it’s the only hot drink I crave during winter…thank you for reading If you actually read what I wrote and did not just look at the photo!

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