I.Fairy Con Poppy Red circle lens review

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Geez, It’s been over 1 whole month since I published anything!! sorry ’bout that 🙂 . I waited to review these lenses from I.Fairy Con, a new circle lens site I currently buy from after having issues wearing circle lenses from the site UNIQSO. Uniqso’s lenses left me temporarily blind while I also experienced bad customer service etc., all the drama is here. On to these lenses…

poppy red lenses_opt

Top: No lenses Middle: Lenses in daylight Bottom: Lenses with camera flash

I don’t have the email anymore, but when I emailed the site asking how to order lenses (it was confusing to me at first), they addressed me by MY NAME!! Head exploded because that’s never happened to me before when emailing circle lens companies. That was a really nice touch. Anyway, my order took about 3.5 weeks to arrive.

red lenses-8_opt

I.Fairy Lens Instagram competition card and Expiration date card for your lenses! How nifty. No one uses that word anymore.

Untitled-1 copy_opt(1)

I loved the packaging and cardboard container for the lenses, that was new to me!

red lenses collage sig_opt

I loved the late 1490’s-early 1500’s era feel of the artwork on the packaging and vials. The Pegasuses remind me of the artwork “The Hunt of the Unicorn“. Art History lesson, folks! That specific piece of artwork has been used throughout pop culture as well…



So far, these lenses are really comfortable with no burning sensation when I first put them into my eyes. I wore them for 8 hours with no irritation. This post is so short because I have no complaints, I got treated like a human being and have no issues at all with my lenses, I love the bright red color! It goes great with my vampy/goth looks.

feb 10 2016 copy.jpg 2

Paired the lenses with a casual outfit- BAM, good to go for the day :D. Wearing my handmade polymer clay earrings and brooch in these photos too!

red lenses-13 (1 of 1)_opt

That’s all for this post, folks ❤

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