Almost BLIND from Uniqso Contacts?!

Uniqso lensses sig_opt

Every pair of contact lenses I had ordered since discovering the website Uniqso 1.5 years ago. From top to bottom: I CODI blue sky (bad pair), Barbie puffy violet, Dolly Pink (could of left me blind), I CODI moonlight, and Barbie Pearl Black.

*I have pulled my sponsorship from the circle lens company UNIQSO. Please read on below (I tried to keep it as short and sweet as I could) and really decided if you want to buy from this company after reading what I went through (spoiler alert: The answer is NO, you are welcome). *

Bad Lenses #1- Dolly Eye Pink

In February of 2015, I bought pink circle lenses from UNIQSO, here is my review of them. Shortly after my review, these lenses burned when I put them in one day, I had owned them for less than three weeks. I made up every excuse as to why they burned:

“I have particles in my eye”

“Did I scratch the lenses? Nope, I’m having an “off” day”

“These lenses aren’t defective, a company so popular and widely known can’t do me wrong”

and etc….I was basically naive and in denial. After spending the money on them and waiting 1  month for them to arrive, I decided to give them one more try (I shouldn’t have).

uniqso page

These lenses can’t possibly be bad after burning my eyeballs. After all, just look at these FDA certificates in microscopic print at the VERY BOTTOM of their site….

...and when you google map their location using their address posted on their website, their building and it's surrounding streets are blurred and not street viewable. Not shady at all...

…and when you google map their location using their address posted on their website, their building is not street viewable (their street view is replaced with product photos), and the street’s near it are blurred. So who knows what that building is…

I wore the lenses two days later with no burn when I put them in. I wore the lenses for 8 hours then washed my hands, took the lenses out, put them in solution etc. and went to bed, I did everything right. I want to mention I had worn regular prescription contacts for 1 year and circle lenses for 1.5 years with no issues when this incident occurred. When I woke up at 7am the next day, my eyes were in SO MUCH PAIN, I could not open them for two hours after I woke up (I was suffering from photophobia, known as the extreme sensitivity to light). I could open my eyes in a nearly-dark room, but all light (sunlight, fluorescent light, low light etc.) hurt and made me squint/shut them completely. I had art class at 8am, so I basically walked blind to the art building because I knew where it was. When I tried to open my eyes, I kept my head down and tried to stare at the sidewalk which I could only see on and off for half a second. I was able to cross street’s to my art building thanks to cross walk signals for blind students (they beep when it is time to walk across the street so they know it’s safe to cross).

This is an example (around the 1 minute mark) of how I was able to cross street’s to my college classes using audible crosswalks the morning my uniqso lenses temporarily blinded me.

I sat in class (we had art critique), so luckily I was not called on to present that day. My teacher looked at me funny but never said anything, I stared at the table I sat at the entire class period (the class lasted two hours), and by the end of class I was able to fully open my eyes, but they were still pretty sensitive. It didn’t matter how many eye drops I put in my eyes, nothing worked until my eyes healed on their own.

I did not wear contact lenses for 1 month after that incident. I emailed Uniqso about the bad pair of pink lenses.

Please click on the screen shots of each email to read them better if you need to!

Uniqso scrn shot-5

My email to Uniqso explaining about the lenses…

...and their response

…and their response

UNIQSO pink lenses (1 of 1)_opt

I emailed this photo to Uniqso and was mailed a replacement pair which had no issues afterward, but I was never able to bring those pink lenses to an eye doctor to examine. If anybody wants to guess why they wanted me to cut my lenses in half (maybe to make sure they were properly destroyed?), comment! Anyway…

I was 100 miles from my regular optometrist while I was attending college, and didn’t want to make time to find an eye doctor where I went to school, pay out of pocket near the end of school for special appointments, try and get to the optometrists office if I had issues etc. because I was hoping my eye’s were going to heal themselves, which they did (thank god!). I also wanted to bring my defective pink lenses to an optometrist to have them examined, but I found out later on there is no machine in the state of North Carolina (where I currently live) that could examine to see what the lenses were made of, like toxic plastic etc. I think whatever was made to create the pink color in the lenses irritated my eyes. That event was terrifying so I waited until that summer to order another pair of lenses. I should of completely stopped ordering from the company but I thought it was going to be a “one time thing”. I decided to order a natural looking pair of lenses from a completely different series.

Bad Lenses #2- I-CODI blue sky

4 months later I ordered a pair of blue sky lenses from the I-CODI series, my review of them is here, and as you can read there it was my second bad pair in a row from them.

My left lens was colored unevenly compared to my right lens...

My left lens was colored unevenly compared to my right lens…

I wondered if I had worn the left lens inside out on my eye, but I threw the entire pair away right after putting them in and taking photos for my review of them, there’s no way of knowing. I emailed the company about it.

…so I emailed the company about it.

They finally issued an apology along with new lenses. They told me they were going to send me a free pair, but I think they should of added that in with my pink pair (dealing with the pink pair was much more serious).

Click on the screen shot to really read it-sorry I can’t make it any bigger. Uniqso finally issued an apology along with new blue lenses. They told me they were going to send me a free pair of lenses, but I think they should of added that in with my pink pair (dealing with the pink pair was much more serious and painful).

WP_20150620_11_12_12_Pro 1

When the lenses arrived, the package felt lighter than usual- they had only mailed me one lens (the left eye). I had thrown out the entire pair and misread that Uniqso was only emailing me one lens, not a pair…they also did not include the free random pair of lenses. After this miscommunication, I emailed them again.

More emailing and waiting...

More emailing and waiting…

uniqso blue lenses scrn shot 2jpg

…and apparently they forgot they even mentioned a free pair…? Why would you need MY proof on what YOU (the company) said?! response. By this time I had had it.

….my response. By this time I had had it.



blue sky lenses and barbie pearl black :)

Blue sky lenses and Barbie pearl black 🙂

Uniqso eventually mailed out a pair of the blue sky lenses and told me I could choose any pair of lenses from the barbie lens series for free. My review of the black lenses are here. There were no issues with either of those new lenses, but getting safe contacts from this company in the end was a struggle and downright scary. I waited until the end of the year for my yearly eye check up with my optometrist to tell him about the pink lenses. After receiving bad pink and blue lenses, I wore the pairs I had from uniqso very sparingly after that, maybe 2-3 times a week for a few hours. I have had no issues with my other lenses but half my lenses from this company were BAD.

Optometrist Appointment

*Semi Graphic Photos Included*

My eyes were healthy at the screening (go me!). At the end of the year I mentioned my  pink lenses to my optometrist. My optometrist guessed if my lenses were from China, but I guessed South Korea since they have Korean certificates on their website. When I told my eye doctor the lenses were pink, he had told me the pink (whatever the pink was or whatever was done to make the lenses pink) in my lenses had aggravated my cornea’s, just like I had suspected. If my cornea’s had been scratched by the lenses and then infected, I would of gone blind in the most extreme case.


Uniqso’s lenses aggravated my Cornea- Credit

What could of happened to me: Semi-graphic photo of a scratched and infected cornea. Credit

What could of happened to me: Semi-graphic photo of a scratched cornea (also known as a Corneal Abrasion).

My optometrist see’s plenty of Asian patients (especially Chinese) who have scarred eyes thanks to wearing unregulated FDA lenses that are manufactured in their country. Many Asian patients with trauma to their eyes want to wear prescription contacts, but the damage has already been done to their eyes. They are stuck wearing glasses and having permanently bad eyesight. I paid extra, out of pocket money that was not covered by my insurance for corneal scans to insure the health of my eyes. I sure as hell would not ask a company like Uniqso to cover my bill after seeing what Youtuber Cristina went through getting Eyecandy’s to pay for her damaged eyes thanks to her defective lenses, her story is here while I touch on a little bit of it down below.

I could not take photos of my eye scans but at least I can show you my pretty little bill and eye specialist diagrams…


What my out of pocket exam was. Credit to a youtube video still I added onto.

Look, mom! Forget socks, I gave myself the gift of corneal scans for Christmas, ho ho FUCK!

Look, mom! Forget socks, I gave myself the gift of corneal scans for Christmas, ho ho ho- FUCK!

I photoshopped my insurance provider out on this bill and didn’t bother photoshopping out the word “total” since you can’t see it. I was going to photoshop out the amount’s but it’s all done and paid for…

Aftermath (settling with Uniqso)

I titled this part “Aftermath” like I’m some warrior gladiator, all dramatic but that’s just what popped into my head, haha! Anyway…after all of this bullshit I was put through the entire year of 2015 from waiting, to receiving, then emailing, then finally testing (with oodles of anxiety and tears thrown in)…what did I do? I sent a final email to Uniqso asking them to pull my affiliate code (I called it a sponsorship) and detailing them to what happened during my eye appointment (like my photophobia, blindness etc. ya know, all normal).

My last email to the company...

My last email to the company…

...along with the quickest "We don't give a shit" reply from a company ever (it took them 4 minutes to reply to my email).

…followed by the quickest “We don’t give a shit” reply from a company I have ever received thus far (it took them a whole 4 minutes to reply to my email).


Uniqso deleted my account from their site (I deleted what used to be my email and password from the “returning customer” section after I received the above message if that makes sense. It made me feel better knowing none of it was there when I took this screen shot.

Uniqso’s reply basically summed up in GIFs

Some of my friends told me their response to me was “rude”, or it was just a “language barrier issue”. “Language barrier” my ass! They fully understand what they are doing and do not care, they are a business!! There are so many sponsored people ( I won’t name them) and young consumers whose reviews I have read gushing over how nice they are to them along with fast shipping etc. These companies are nice to these followers because they have nice faces (just saying, no beef directed towards them), who have a huge and impressionable following etc. I do not have emails back to when I joined Uniqso’s affiliate program, but they were nothing like how they treated me in the above emails. When I joined, they complimented me on my makeup in the photos (aka sucking up, kissing ass etc.), seemed to respond faster than usual when I was interested in their program (and just as fast deleting me from the affiliate program when I was disinterested in them after 1.5 years lol).

Circle lens issues continued

I would like to touch on other circle lens issues I have read while googling on this matter. Model and Blogger Alexa Ober reviewed a pair of lenses from Uniqso and was eventually treated as badly as I was as well. The lenses she reviewed were very uncomfortable in her eyes, she was blocked on their Instagram etc. You can read her blog post about it here.

Alexa Ober

I have full permission from Alexa to screen shot and post her review of Uniqso, she was very professional and understanding. I also sent her the same reply from Uniqso when I explained to them what happened to me after wearing their lenses.

Model and Blogger Alexa Ober

Former Model and Blogger Alexa Ober- Photo Credit

A shot of Alexa's circle lens review sponsored by Uniqso. Her full post with other photos is here.

A shot of Alexa’s circle lens review. Her full post with other photos are here.


A closer screen shot of just Alexa's explanation of her overall score. The explanation is a little hard to read to me but she gets her point across.

A closer screen shot of just Alexa’s explanation of her overall score. The explanation is a little hard to read to me but she gets her point across.

Screen shot of Alexa explaining Uniqso's sponsors benefits and what they do not tell you...

Screen shot of Alexa explaining Uniqso’s sponsors benefits…

Alexa's response to my email and Uniqso's response.

Alexa’s response to my email while also adding her thoughts on Uniqso’s response to me (all 4 words of it).

I have read plenty of positive reviews of Uniqso from satisfied bloggers like I was in the beginning, but when things go wrong and you want to shed light on something like this, it is refreshing to see someone that is not afraid to call people out on their antics and is overall confident in expressing their view.

Cristina Viseu

I emailed Cristina asking if I could cite her photos and blog article to use in this blog post, but she never replied. I have decided to use her photos and images because her ordeal was so serious (I was very close to becoming her case if my cornea’s had been scratched). I have credited all photos I have taken from Cristina’s various social media.

Youtuber, vlogger, and former blogger Cristina Viseu. Photo Credit (her twitter account)

Youtuber, vlogger, and former blogger Cristina Viseu. Photo Credit (her twitter account)

Right photo: Cristina now. Middle photo: EyeCandy’s home page Left photo: Cristina’s irritated eye from wearing Eyecandy’s lenses

Cristina is a youtuber, vlogger, and former blogger. In 2010, she bought a pair of circle lenses from EyeCandy’s that resulted in very serious damage to her eyes, forcing her to drop a college class she was taking at that time, become depressed etc. but has since made a great recovery.

Cristina’s viral blog post about her circle lens ordeal. Full post is here.

Ironically I read her post while I was looking into wearing circle lenses when I was new to them. Her article scared me to death with good reason. I thought of Cristina and her viral post when I was sorting out my mess with Uniqso. Cristina is very brave for posting her entire ordeal and speaking up for herself. She also had a huge right to be mad for the shitty “customer service” the EyeCandy’s team gave her, my heart broke for her reading everything that she went through.

EDIT: 6 days after this blog post became public and over 1 week after emailing Cristina to credit her circle lens post with no response from her (no big deal, she’s a busy woman), she uploaded this video about her circle lens experience:


Eyesight is everything to a visual artist like me. I need it to draw and paint, do freelance makeup, and create my polymer clay jewelery. I also need my eyes to photograph all these photos that belong to me on my blog ;)

Eyesight is everything to a visual artist like me. I need my eyesight to draw and paint, do freelance makeup, and create my polymer clay jewellery. I also need my eyes to photograph, edit, and put up all the photos you see on my blog ;).

I love makeup, using lenses to make myself look different etc. I dodged a bullet with Uniqso and will be very choosy when I buy my lenses next time!

I love makeup, designing outfits, using lenses to make myself look different etc. I dodged a bullet with Uniqso and will be very choosy when I buy my lenses next time!

There ya have it! If you scrolled down this far to the end, good for you!! and I thank you for that. I have finished detailing my entire experience dealing with a circle lens company from halfway around the planet and how I could of lost my eyesight. If you want to come at me with the “Uniqso isn’t all bad” attitude, that’s cool. If you want to come at me with the “she should of known better”, or the “she had it coming” attitude when I wore my pink lenses after they burned, that’s cool too. Your opinion is your opinion, and my experience is my experience. My experience is just here for you to view. I get plenty of views for old reviews on their lenses, so why not stop by and skim/read this post? I wanted to speak up for a company I now no longer support and I wanted to back up my claims…along with posting others experiences. Please share and spread the word about my post if you feel the same way, it would mean more than anything. I hope you can see the work I put into my posts and in trying to spread this certain experience, it all comes from my heart with best interest.

❤ Thank YOU for reading ❤

PS: All photos and screen shots not rightfully owned by me are credited in their captions and down below!


All other photos, screen shots etc. were taken by me.

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40 thoughts on “Almost BLIND from Uniqso Contacts?!

  1. Great read! I feel posts like this need to be put out there. Sorry that my post and messages are hard to read, I often find myself “in the moment” and often forget about proper grammar and spelling. I should really review my stuff before posting it, I just wanted to get it out there as fast as possible. I know UNIQSO sponsors tons of people, I feel like it’ll be hard to keep up with that. They just bury their “bad cases” under like 20 new sponsors. Refunding you $20 is easy since they can just give one sponsor and all their followers will come running to UNIQSO to purchase so that $20 is easily made back up and profited off of. I’m sure this company has enough money to hire translators for every language and I’m sure that’s not the case. They just want as much money as they can and to give you the least amount of things back in return. Like, WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD ONLY SEND ONE LENS???? That’s so cheap and tacky of a company. I think they responded to you quick and just tried to resolve the problem so you don’t go and spread other negative views on them. So, they just wanted to drop you as fast as they can to cover your tracks and get new sponsors in your place. I never thought they were a real Korean brand tbh, I know some “knock offs” can work like this place. I assume it’s all made in China because of the price ya know? If it was Korea they should be charging WAY MORE. I’m skeptical of those “authentic” badges on the bottom of their website. It’s probably copy and pasted their, haha. We need to shut down UNIQSO, it’s not just a ONE TIME accident it seems to happen often but they just keep covering it up.

    • Hi Alexa! Thank you so much, I put plenty of hours and revisions into this post 🙂 .

      It’s okay, I completely understand about “being in the moment”, I was too for a looong time over this issue and wasn’t calm about this issue until I had peace of mind after my eye exam. The lens issues happened in February then June into July (first half of the year), then I waited for my eye appointment to December, that was another half of the year for me to “calm down”.

      “They just bury their “bad cases” under like 20 new sponsors”.

      Yes, I feel the same way! I am not super popular, I don’t have a huge following, It feels like at times I’m not attractive enough in photos for people to click on them and investigate etc.

      I have always wondered how these companies understand all their clients, hope they don’t use google translate haha!

      The whole sending one lens issue was a miscommunication, I told them I threw out the entire PAIR the first time, and I think they forgot to read carefully and see that, because they replied they were going to send me ONE PIECE, and they meant the PIECE of lens for my left eye…ugh, it was a mess.

      yes I think they responded to me so fast to shut me up and sweep me under the rug, I hate being treated like that….I think anyone would.

      HAHA, I’m skeptical of ALL the certificates on ALL these Asian circle lens sites with stolen Ullzzang photos.

      “Shutting down Uniqso” was the same response people had to Cristina Viseu’s post when she dealt with in 2010, but look at it…it’s still up and running everyday. I wish I people would care more about what people had to say about the “dark side” of these companies, but nothing will stop a Cosplayer, Lolita, circle lens wearer in general from getting cheap lenses if they can and they are available, ya know? That’s why I think EyeCandyLens is still in business.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and allowing me to use your work, Alexa <3.

    • yeah, mate! Remember last year you even commented on the dark blue lenses saying they were not right?

      I got a few comments from people on other social media implying I didn’t know how to wear contact lenses etc. But I’m not going to bother answering those comments….I’ll edit this post yet again to throw in an extra photo, I threw away the rest of my lenses I bought from this company last night, felt damn good 😉 .I had no issues with the other half of my lenses I bought from them last year but I just didn’t want to hold onto them anymore, it didn’t feel worth it to keep wearing them…the money I spent on all of them didn’t matter to me anyway. I’m usually so thrifty over things my brain tells me, like I’m always thinking “BUT THE MONEY!” before I throw something away…no regrets this time.

      Please share my post if you think it’ll help anyone out!

  2. Please share your article with the press and on their fb page! this is plain dangerous!! I hope you’re ok *hugs* 😦

    • THANK YOU miss mina!! If I told my story to the press, I don’t want my story to be twisted around. Not every pair I bought from Uniqso was bad and circle lenses are not all bad in general, they have risks just like regular contacts. I really wanted to highlight the companies actions when I kept having problems, that was the worst part…I made a public post and tagged Uniqso on facebook and shared it to a few other groups I’m in.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and write this message, it was all very sweet of you! I’m fine now :).

  3. They probably asked you to cut the lenses in half and send a picture of it so they would have proof they were in fact unusable in case you were just trying to cheat them out of a free pair of lenses. I’m really sorry about your experience. I went through something similar with my contacts, which were regular Acuvue lenses. I’ve worn circle lenses in the past without issue, but I was just lazy to reorder a pair. Admittedly, I wasn’t taking the best care of my Acuvue lenses and one day experienced a lot of irritation that gradually became very painful in my right eye. I took that contact out leaving the one in the left eye in. Soon after, the left eye begin burning and becoming painful, so much so that it was tearing rapidly. My eyes then became sensitive to light. I called my mom, who’s a physician, and told her my symptoms. She told me to have my husband take me to the hospital immediately because I was most likely suffering from scratches to my corneas. At this point, I was unable to open my eyes at all which made the examination in the fluorescent-lit emergency room very painful and difficult. They told me I had scratches in both my corneas and prescribed me steroid and antibiotic drops and ointment to put in my eyes 4 times a day. Because I was unable to open my eyes even a little bit, I had to depend on my husband to lead me around the entire day. I spent the next three days at home feeling helpless and very dependent on my husband. I had misplaced my glasses several weeks prior and no optometrist would give me a new prescription for glasses until my eyes properly healed. My vision is very bad—so bad that even if a person were sitting 2 feet away from me, their face and its features would be indistinguishable. Driving was out of the question, but I needed to get back to my life eventually. I ended up going to three different thrift shops trying on random pairs of glasses until I found one that, luckily, was close to my prescription. I’ve been wearing glasses for the past 3 months now and I actually just ordered 3 pairs of circle lenses from Uniqso 2 weeks ago. Reading about your experience certainly gave me pause. It’s a scary thing to be faced with possibly losing your eyesight. I live in the United States and I really wish U.S. lens manufacturers would begin selling circle lenses. There’s obviously a market for them within the United States and I think the lenses would be better regulated and you would see less of these issues. I can’t imagine Bausch & Lomb or Johnson & Johnson responding to your serious concerns so flippantly as Uniqso did. Most companies want to avoid a lawsuit, especially when someone has been injured (repeatedly) like you were buy one of their products.

    I hope that you have fully recovered. Good luck in school and take good care.

  4. That is terrible! 😦 I was really interested in those “I-Codi Colors Of The Wind #13 Moonlight” for my Blake Belladonna cosplay but now I’m definitely scared. Do you know of any other safe circle lenses that come in such a vibrant gold?

    • Hey Miss Blue!!

      I honestly loved the I-CODI moonlight lenses to death, I looked so bad ass wearing them ahaha. I buy from I.Fairy con and Pinky Paradise now, I.Fairy Con has the moonlight lenses but as of this time, they are out of stock and are not available in prescription:

      My moonlight pair from Uniqso was not defective, kinda uncomfortable for me after a few hours but I know others from their site have given it 5 stars. It’s up to you whether you want to order from them :). I hope I helped, don’t be afraid to email me or leave another comment <3. I hope your Bella Belladonna cosplay turns out well!! Thanks for stopping by…

  5. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all people you really realize what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Please also visit my website =). We could have a hyperlink trade contract among us!

  6. I don’t understand when people fault a store’s website when it is actually in-fact the lens manufacturer that you should be upset with. I’ve been shopping with Uniqso for about 6 years and have never had a problem with any of the products I’ve bought from them. It sounds like you got a bad batch of lenses, which can happen from ordering from anywhere. I once had a pair of Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown from PinkyParadise that irritated my eyes so much that I threw them out.

    I hope your eyes are doing better! That’s a scary experience to have to go through.

    • Thanks, Ashanti!

      I really wondered that at times too, if I just had a bad pair, I know it can be the manufacturers fault. But I can’t do anything about it now since Unqiso deleted my account. I’m having trouble finding another seller for the Moonlight lenses I bought from them :(.

      It was terrifying, I shop with I.Fairy and pinkyparadise now! WOW, 6 years with Uniqso?! I had no idea they had been around that long selling circle lenses.

      thanks for commenting!!

  7. I felt so bad for you… That happened to me once too (extreme sensitivity to light, all red for almost a week) didn’t get my cornea checked but did visited the optometrists office for a few time, I got the lenses from a seller for like $60 *yeah that was stupid but I was 16 at that time and wanted circle lenses soo bad haha* now I’ve been wearing colour contacts for 5 years and nothing happened and I hope never will! *atleast not before I get a IOL done*

  8. Damn. I always thought Uniqso seemed pretty trustable, they are also one of the few asian circle lense sites accepting PayPal payments.. I have ordered three pairs of lenses from them so far: ICK Garnet Violet and Barbie Puffy 3 Tones Green and Brown.

    I have worn the violet pair to a convention already and they felt really comfortable. Just put in lense drops two times because after a while my eyes started getting dry, and as soon I hit my train back home I took them out. I’m not used to wearing lenses overall, so I’m not sure if it is normal that these lenses hurt quite a lot for the first few minutes I had them in (not specific to this pair of lenses, also had that problem with the green and brown ones).

    I read through Cristina’s story before finding yours and I feel a little scared about wearing these now.. I don’t wear my lenses outside of anime or comic conventions, so that’s maybe like 5 or 6 times a year. Do you rather blame the brand? Which brands do you recommend? I don’t want to end up damaging my eyes for the sake of cosplay…

    • Hey BelgianCosplayer! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Ah you have? that’s great, I am glad they are comfortable for you!

      Oh gee, I bet you are going to be totally fine! I do not blame the brand, I DO believe though that I received a defective pair of lenses from them, and then it was like pulling teeth for them to help me because they really couldn’t. The final straw was just the service, because you only have one pair of eyes and they just didn’t seem to want to help, terrible English, rude in the end because I had a legit problem etc.

      It’s ironic you read Cristina’s story before mine because like I said, I read her story before I bought circle lenses and hoped what she went through did not happen to me, but it did! I’m no special snowflake haha.

      By brands do you mean companies? I buy from Uniqso and I.Fairy Con.

  9. I’ve never got a chance to try their contacts, but I /have/ tried buying from Uniqso a few months ago and it was a HUGE mess just trying to even buy contacts from them! >.< I ordered like two pairs of contacts and usually an email will get sent to you saying that you ordered so & so, but I didn't get an email so I thought that was strange. So I waited a day before contacting them and asked them if my order went through. They answered back asking for my name so I gave them my name and included the transaction I.D. as well. Well apparently they couldn't find anyone by my name on their site, and by the transaction I.D. so I was like???? So confused because the money was taken OUT of PayPal and they were trying to say that they didn't get the order, then they said that the money forwarded to a different part of their site and they wanted me to re-order the contacts even though they still HAD the money. So I was like hell to the no. Went to PayPal and canceled that shit so quick, never went on their site again and I STILL have those emails to this day. It was just all super shady.

    • Hey Miss Red,

      O.M.G.!! you are right, now THAT sounds shady! How long ago was that incident? I’m always happy to hear about others experiences after sharing mine :3. Yeah, as you can see…when I had a REALLY serious issue, trying to do basic communication was horrific…it was broken English and made me feel so helpless haha. Well good for you for keeping those emails! Thank you SO SO much for finding my blog and sharing your experience!

  10. I just got two lens pairs from UNIQSO. (i.fairy siberian brown and gray) and I haven’t put them on yet but I’m scared to after reading this. Will I damage my eyes? ;_;

    • Hi Jessica!

      Sorry I’m late responding, did your contacts work out for you? I’m not trying to scare anyone into thinking their contacts will damage your eyes, I just posted my bad experience with them and don’t buy from them anymore. Every individual’s experience will be different so I can’t tell you…

  11. Thanks! I wish I found this thread earlier. They just scammed me. I paid for buy 1 get 1 and they didn’t end me my 2nd pair. States it’s defective and wouldnt even let me exchange. Don’t buy from these guys.

  12. Just letting you know that the title of your blog post is very misleading. Uniqso does not make contacts, they just sell them. Therefore, Uniqso contacts can’t make you blind if they don’t even manufacture them. I can understand if you unfortunately received bad customer service from them, but putting them completely at fault is unfair. It’s like if you went to Target and purchased some lotion that gave you a horrible allergic reaction. Who’s at fault? The company that makes the lotion, not the unsuspecting company that simply sells them.
    It may seem like I’m trying to defend Uniqso, but honestly I’m tired of seeing all of the blogs about “insert circle lenses store name here is bad!” when part of the problem was the contacts themselves.
    In short, blame Uniqso for the bad customer service, blame the circle lenses brand that badly affected your eyes and don’t wear them again.
    With all of that out of the way, I am very sorry that you had to go through all of this.

    • Hi Raye!

      Awesome points, you were right that the contacts themselves were bad! The customer service that went along with my experience did not help me either when my eyes were actually damaged. I don’t buy from UNIQSO anymore and just wanted to post the experience I had with them when it occurred to warn people since it was so serious. I am so thankful my eyes are fine now! Thank you so much, and thanks for commenting on my blog 😀

  13. Hey! So sorry that happened to you. My boyfriend keeps telling me it’s gonna happen to me if I keep wearing colored contacts. I have ordered from Uniqso befits with no problems. Recently though I ordered 2 pairs and couldn’t see when I put them in. I emailed the company and found out they were prescription contacts and I have perfect vision. I was so surprised because most companys don’t even let you order plano contacts without a doctor’s authorisation in the US. Everytime I ordered from Uniqso I just picked my color and clicked order and everything was fine so that lead me to believe it was only fashion contacts that were available to US customers. When I realized what happened they told me it was my responsibility to research before I bought them and basically sarcastically blamed me for the problem. I respond asking for an exchange and for the past 2 days they’ve totally ignored me. I dont know how else to get their attention. I spent 50$ and am beyond mad!!

    • Hi Tori! Sorry I am late replying to you. That really stinks and I hope they refund you (or at least partially refund you?).

      Yes, I know what they are talking about! Hmm…could you try emailing them again or posting your request for the refund on their social media? maybe they will see it there? good luck! I hope you get your refund.

  14. Huh,I almost experienced this too.-Sweety Bargello Blue-After 2-3 hours my both of eyes burned.-If I wear them still will be burn-And accompanying itching :’) Looks great,I don’t say for this but color pigments are of poor quality and harmful.Next time I will try different brands.
    Continue to Freshlook for now.

  15. i think it’s good you stopped wearing them BUT… you dont seems to know the cause. It was the ill fitting basecurve. If basecurve is too small for oyur eyes they scratch your cornea like hell.

    • Hi Maddy!

      Thanks for commenting, apologies for replying a little late.

      I have heard of the base curve issue as well with others! I remember I have worn other circle lenses with the same base curve that haven’t itched/burned or had problems with overall. That could have been the problem as well, thanks for the input!

  16. girl thanks. i was a min ago like “well lets shop some new lenses on uniqso”
    then now I am like, well let just stick with pink paradise… i never had a problem with them

  17. I agree, UNIQSO is NOT a company to trust; I paid fast shipping to receive mu lenses… Tehey forgot to send it! Maybe, after reading your comment, it was for the best.

  18. I’m sorry you had to go throw this ! I actually find your article when I was searching reviews about specific lenses I found on Uniqso. I’ve ordered two times on their website, I didn’t have any problems for now. Sadly I think it can happens to any one with any store, eyes are so sensible ! I must admit I freaked out a bit just after reading your article, but I know eyes reactions can be really different depending the person. I’m actually glad I find your article because in the end, it reminds me to really take care of my eyes and be carefull about them, so thank you very much to share your experience !

    • Hey Natasha!

      Thank you SO much for reaching out to me and commenting on my blog post! It means a lot to me that I can help others by sharing my experience with them (and the internet as a whole).

      That’s very true about everyone’s eyes reacting in a different way. You are so right, I don’t wear contacts very often now (only when I dress up and go out or if I’m meeting friends), but when I do, I make sure the contacts were safe beforehand (no burning sensation etc.).

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