Thank YOU!

Hi Fiends!!

I have not posted in awhile but I will get back to that ASAP. As 2015 closes, I wanted to thank the strangers that have stumbled upon my blog and curiously scrolled through it. I post so sporadically because I am very picky about my posts. The perfectionist in me only wants to post the best. Recently, though, I checked on my stats report and my blog has thousands of views (I won’t say how many because I am not trying brag, seriously) from over 80 countries!! That really made my heart skip a beat when I saw all of that!! I thought “THAT many people have been looking at little old me?!” haha…when I first started this blog, I had about 110 views or so that entire year!! I have learned so much along the way and cannot wait to grow!!

selfie project 2015 copy_opt

Super Vain Collection of Selfies

Let’s count how many times I wear my black hat with teeth- ahaha! Half of these selfies are my crazy style, the other half are subtle to me when I was job hunting. I miss looking the way I want, especially my rainbow hair šŸ˜¦ . I put all these selfies together to document the fun I had experimenting with makeup, but then I had to stop most of experimenting my style when I graduated from college and boomeranged back home. I didn’t wear much makeup in the fall anyway when I decided to learn web coding. I’m a designer, not a programmer! So of course starting those courses was a challenge. I can’t count how many nights a week I spent sitting for hours in my community college’s computer lab until it closed trying to code…it was well worth it as I advance into future courses in that area! I was sad I had to go back to school but nothing is a waste if you take away something from it.

This year I will have more time to work, which means I can earn more money to accomplish my future goals. I have always wanted to make my own clothes and accessories, I started with accessories first. I’ll post a few in the upcoming months, it’s a lot of fun through trial and error. People have been telling me I have a “gift” for crafting, but it’s taken patience, wasting some money, and plenty of learning from my mistakes to create a nice end product for sure!!

HERE’S TO 2016 šŸ˜€

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The Fiend :3


4 thoughts on “Thank YOU!

    • WHOOHOO, thank you!! omg that’s so interesting to think about…hope you have a great new year!

      PS: I wanted to mention, you are my most popular commenter on my blog of the year šŸ˜€ . You have commented almost 30 times, go you!! And I always look forward to your comments, even if it’s a sentence >_<.

      • Thank you, I think I shall, and I hope the same for you. 2015 has been a life changer for me, but 2016 looks like it might be a good one. And you are welcome, I enjoy reading your posts šŸ™‚

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