Barbie Pearl Black Circle Lens Review

Edit: I no longer support this company in any way. Here is my explanation as to why.

Hi there,

I’m reviewing the barbie pearl lenses I got for free after my second bad pair of lenses from UNIQSO- I will post about that soon. The shipping was fine and I really love these lenses. I get plenty of compliments and love to do a variety of makeup with these lenses. I will post more selfies so you can get a better idea of these lenses.

To the right: my new pair of I-CODI lenses (sky blue) To the left: pearl black lenses!

To the right: my new pair of I-CODI lenses (sky blue)
To the left: pearl black lenses!

black lenses before and after

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11 thoughts on “Barbie Pearl Black Circle Lens Review

  1. Those are creepy but cool…have you ever tried cosplaying? I think you’d enjoy it. Those contact lenses would make and awesome werewolf costume..maybe Red from Once Upon A Time?

    • thanks, I really like these too ^^. Nope, I have not! I take my friends cosplay photos, though. I just love mixing up clothes and makeup with different colored contacts for right now…WHOA that would be really cool! I have seen ads for that show but have never watched it, I don’t watch TV…have you tried cosplay?

      • I’ve only been to one convention. I cosplayed as a hipster Mother Gothel. I also have a Ravenclaw cosplay that I unashamedly wear in public 😂 Cosplayers are awesome and I really think you’d be welcomed into the community. They’re all super creative and dedicated bunch. I really wish there were more conventions around where I live!

      • Ah, okay! I’m going to my first one tomorrow, I’ll make a post about it this week ^^. haha, how cool! oooh how cool, I want to see a photo of that! I bet you look really cool in it.

        I already have cosplay friends and you are right about that! They are super friendly, understanding, open minded etc.

        Where do you live? Not trying to sound creepy lol, I live in North Carolina…

      • Omg I also live in NC!!! Where in NC? I know this awesome convention that’s in Winston Salem in March

      • HAHA what a coincidence! I live in Raleigh, I’m in Greensboro tonight to go to the Durham con. I don’t have instagram, I should get one 😦 . What’s your instagram? I’ll tell/show my cosplayer friends ^^.

        Hmm cool! I didn’t know about it. Are you going to it?

      • Yeah probably! And I live about 45 minutes NW of Greensboro. Actually, since I don’t want to have a convo in your comment section, can we take this to Pinterest?

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