My hair stylist butchered my hair- so I made her assistant manager shave my head

Hey everyone,

I have plenty of things to post in the future but for now, I wanted to write a quick post. I think we all know I love expressing myself-this includes my hair. I was going to create future posts on how I made my hair white, I was also going to do rainbow again (first time was here) and create a video on how I created my rainbow hair.

This summer, I let my mohawk grow out to my shoulders. I decided I wanted a trim before I bleach my roots. I walked into the sports clips my usual hair stylist works but she no longer worked there anymore, so I was given a new woman. I asked this new woman if she could shave my sides, trim my bangs, and my main strip of hair. She literally went into my bangs with her scissors after I showed her a photo of what I wanted…think my bangs showed up like the photo I showed her? Naw, it looked like a 4 year old cut them.

End result of the haircut. Think my face says it all.

End result of the haircut. Think my face says it all.

When she started shaving my sides and trimming my main strip of hair, a lot of hair fell out more than usual, I started panicking. When she finished, it felt like the back half of my Mohawk was gone. I asked her what had happened and she said my hair was just “like that” when I walked in and that she was following the “natural path” of my hair. When I went home and showered, I was completely right in the fact that this bitch shaved off HALF the back of my mohawk!! I had a thin patch of hair left on my head.

I went back 1 hour later, bawled in front of the entire salon, and the manager gave me a complete refund. I was going to shave the rest of my head at home that night but I went back the next day and made the assistant manager shave the rest of my head. “natural path” my ass. How do you shave off the “natural path” of one strip of hair?! Her and the entire sports clips shop can kiss my kick ass bald head now, I am never going back. R.I.P. to the gorgeous Mohawk I had worked so hard on.

Few weeks before the haircut, after the haircut, then after the shave :)

Few weeks before the haircut, after the haircut with half my hair shaved off, then after the shave 🙂

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14 thoughts on “My hair stylist butchered my hair- so I made her assistant manager shave my head

    • thanks! ❤

      I know bald can still be alternative, "extreme", however you want to call it :). There are so many kick butt bald girls portrayed in video games, movies etc. Wish I could do some photoshoots with my new do!

  1. Aw, that sucks… sorry about that … but yes, as the others said — it will grow back. 😦 My son hates to get his hair cut. We forced him yesterday for school starting today. We only go to one guy whom we trust. When your beautiful hair grows back — only go to someone you trust to trim it! Anyway, you look nice with a shaved head . 🙂

    • thanks! It’s okay. I’m a little traumatized after that experience, I don’t know who I will see or what style I will do next 🙂 .

      I meant to tell you: I graduated university and am learning graphic design and web design at my community college, it is awesome!!

  2. Am I really the only one who is going to say that this was just as much your fault as the stylists. You went to a sports clips of all places to get a styled haircut. Why didn’t you go to a real salon. You had the graduate of Tuesday 2:30pm of a cosmetology program that graduates anyone that pays the tuition trying to style a mowhawk. The last stylist left because she may have been good and went to a real salon. If you want it done right go to a real salon where they know what they are doing. And shame on you for trying to shame the poor girl and the establishment. They are what they are. Everyone new that but you.

    • I see your point Mr or Mrs “doesn’t matter”, which is why I have never gone to a sports clips after that post, and I made a public blog post about my experience to warn others >_<. My old stylist that had been at that sports clips had been fired, she was actually amazing! I didn't go to a real salon because I didn't think doing a few touch ups on the hair I had at that time was going to be difficult.

  3. I know this is really late but they knew how badly they had done the cut because they gave you a refund. Most places won’t do that. And if you are going someplace that cuts hair and you’re paying for it you have the right to get what you want. If the stylist didn’t think she could do it she shouldn’t have attempted it. The stylist should’ve said I don’t think I can do that maybe you should go someplace else or have someone else cut it. I have been growing my hair for a while after losing most of it to a medical problem. I have been going to the same place for seven years. I asked for a trim and when I left my hair was 6 inches shorter and a totally different style. I was in shock and cried all the way home. I went back the next day and my stylist with out so another stylist trimmed my hair but had to cut off another inch. She apologized and said it was very crooked and she wasn’t quite sure what the first stylist had in mind. I know it’s just hair and it grows but it’s part of your perception of yourself. And I think a lot of the people that responded didn’t acknowledge that. I think you look really good with the shaved hair though!

    • Hey Anna!

      thank you SO much, sorry I’m so late replying to you! OH GOD, that is terrible!!! I’m so sorry that happened to you. You are right, the hair dresser should have told me that. But I had a mohawk and I did not think the hairstyle was too hard…It’s been….coming up on 2 years since that all happened and that hair salon actually gives free things/benefits to people who leave them 5 star reviews now, someone literally commented under their 5 star review that they left 5 stars to “Get free stuff”, so I’m just speculating from that LOL.

      yeah exactly on the refund haha! hair plays a HUGE part in how we see ourselves, you are so right!

      haha thank you so much!! I actually grew to like the shaved look on me! I had a photoshoot but never posted the photos of me with a shaved head.

      THANK YOU for finding my blog post and telling me your story as well, I hope your hair is doing better as well :).

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