UNIQSO I-Codi Colors Of The Wind No 24 Blue Sky Circle Lenses Review

Edit: I no longer support this company in any way. Here is my explanation as to why.

Old Post:

I ordered these lenses from UNIQSO.com  and they arrived in 1 month. I was a little disappointed though because I thought they were going to show up as light blue…as they are named blue sky and all 😐 . I don’t think these lenses lived up the photos on the site. I was very disappointed when I emptied my lenses into their solution to see they just seemed dark blue with no vibrant, bright (almost neon) blue in the center that is supposed to come from the pupil area when you put the lenses in. I thought I was seeing things when I put the lenses in, but after reviewing photos for this blog post, the left lens in the photo seems to have less color. Or am I seeing things? let me know if you see it. I plan to ask UNIQSO if they can send me another pair in the future if it really bugs me…

may 24 makeup-10

Some good things, though: shipping was no problem and I L-O-V-E- the design of the containers the lenses came in! I have seen older reviews of this brand where it came in a cool checkered box, but it seems UNIQSO has decided to keep the bottles. These lenses have also been comfortable to wear. I have worn for these for 10 hours straight with no issues. They feel so light on my eyes like prescription lenses, I barely feel them, so that’s always a plus!

sky blue contacts collage

Top: normal eyes with natural window lighting

Middle: contacts in with natural window lighting

Bottom: Contacts in with flash

I tried to create a makeup look that would make the lenses pop while still sticking to the blue in the lenses. I ended up doing the rest of my face natural. I had fun feeling like an “innocent girly girl”, if that makes sense 😉 .

may 24 2015-9

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