Tulip Body Art Paint Palette Review (Neon)

I was in the craft store the other day and decided to pick up this palette as I have taken a liking to face painting recently. I only paid $6 (it was originally $12) because I had a coupon and you bet I was glad, because this product did not deliver as much as I thought it would.

Only the top row glowed (most of the top row colors are always the brightest from UV black light paints I have found), and I needed to pack on a lot of the product (which wasn’t much to begin with for a little square) to get anything nice. I used a little tiny brush to get the ombre makeup look, I will add more photos as I use up the palette.

Basically, do NOT buy this. I would rather spend a bit more money for a professional brand and better quality, this palette would be if I had nothing else. It was very fun to experiment and have fun with, but I had to apply coats, really wet the square to pick up product etc. if kids are happy at a party then I guess it’s fine in the short term, but I plan to further my progress in face paint/body art, so I will continue searching for better products πŸ™‚

Top: Natural light Bottom: Black Light

Top: Natural light Bottom: Under black Light

The makeup was not perfect but neither was this product. I didn't like how blocky my gradient looked...

The makeup was not perfect but neither was this product. I didn’t like how blocky my gradient looked…The swirls were meant to be organic. I liked the vibrancy of the colors though.

I’m wearing pink contact lenses from UNIQSO.com! Check out my review of them here, they last one full year and they are worth every penny :3 . Enter my sponsor code β€œfiend” for 10% at check out on their site!

may 21 before and after-1 sigLeft: Natural lighting Right: Directly in front of black light

Left: Natural lighting Right: Directly in front of black light

Left: Natural lighting Right: Directly in front of black light

blog sigQuick phone selfie! My eyes are so hooded, you can’t see the color unless I lift my eyebrows up. My forehead wrinkles remind me of adorable pug puppies <3.

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5 thoughts on “Tulip Body Art Paint Palette Review (Neon)

  1. That takes me back, I spent hours painting a leopards face in fluorescent paint on my cut down leather jacket (worn over the top of my motorbike leather).
    Ever thought of doing makeup for cosplay? Seems to be a growing market..

    • wow that sounds so cool! How did it come out? I want to see photos! I have been wanting to modify a jacket to make it punk, I wanted a lavender jacket though. haha, I’m so particular. It would be my version of punk though…slowly gathering the materials for that.

      I can’t wait to take black light photos with black light reactive contact lenses! It’s so hard though, I can’t choose which color!

      I have taken cosplay photos for people and MIGHT have a few offers in the future, actually πŸ™‚ . Animazement (a con) was this weekend but I couldn’t go because of work, I wasted my money on the ticket I bought for the event 😦 . My friend I made black light eyelashes for is going to a rave, that’s what made me buy the paint, and since I am not going I got all painted up with nowhere to go haha. Do you like cosplaying, conventions, anime etc.?

      • Unfortunately that was long before I got into photography.. I liked it and I was told by others that it looked good, especially at night with a headlamp on it πŸ™‚
        Get an old denim, bleach it and tie dye it, rip the arms off then paint away, I reckon that hippy-punk could be the way forwards (yeah, I have no taste I know). Can you get violet? I think that suits you well..
        Never done cosplay, never been to a convention, but having seen the movie Paul, I could get into trying the convention thing, looks like good fun. I like looking at anime but couldn’t name any of it to save my life πŸ˜€
        I must admit I can see an interesting business side to it all though, hair, makeup, costumes, huge guns and swords, and of course, the photography, sounds like a good one stop shop to me πŸ˜€

      • aaah okay! I bet it looked awesome, I want to try that out! and of course I owe you all the inspiration :). I actually went thrifting this week and white washed a denim jacket (got it for $4!!), and am looking for things to decorate it with now! I loved the whole creative process of it. I need to learn how to make patches for the jacket now. I have no idea how to sew yet but have always wanted to learn the basics, then make clothes, props etc. omg, I was planning on doing a rainbow one too! after the purple and black versions. I guess we both have no taste..? haha!

        haha a lot of people are like that though! yeah it’s a huge business. A few years ago when I had just started blogging, I was commissioned to make shoes for a company that specializes in anime, the main artist draws his own anime characters and sells them at the conventions: https://apeanutbutterfiend.wordpress.com/2013/06/23/boomslank-shoes/ and https://apeanutbutterfiend.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/boomslank-shoes-ii/

      • I have a small (40 psi) compressor and one gun plus two air brushes, all vintage DeVilbiss.. Spraying on whitewashed denim?
        I guess if there is a business then I will usually spot it last πŸ˜€
        Sewing.. I would think its more embroidery for patches?
        No taste is good taste!

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