UNIQSO Dolly Eye Pink circle lens review

Edit: Edit: I no longer support this company in any way. Here is my explanation as to why.

Hi there :3 I’m going to review some recent pink circle lenses I bought from UNIQSO.com. My 3 tone violet lenses (click the highlighted title for my review on those) expired so I decided to go for pink this year. Here are the stats on these lenses: pink contacts screen shot I ordered these lenses on February 5th, they arrived March 2nd. Just shy of 1 month. They came in a little animal box and the vile’s were wrapped up in bubble wrap safe and secure. I let them soak overnight in the eye case that came with it: pink contact review-3 (3 of 27).jpg sigΒ Β  pink contact review-3 (2 of 27).jpg sig Here is a before and after:

pink contacts sig II

I didn’t have the best makeup day, it wasn’t perfectly symmetrical (it’s my OCD talking). Top photo: eyes with no contacts on in natural daylight. Middle photo: contacts in, daylight. Bottom photo: contacts in with flash

I can wear these for hours and have had no irritation so far. I really love these lenses and they remind me of my white out contacts but there pink, I can see the edges of pink around my pupil a bit which is cool, just like I could see the edges of white in my white out contacts when I would look up. All in all, I love these contacts and am looking forward to ordering more contacts from UNIQSO.com. If you want to order a pair of contacts from them, feel free to enter my code “fiend” at check out for 10% off your order.

pink contacts sig

Thanks for reading πŸ˜€ love…



10 thoughts on “UNIQSO Dolly Eye Pink circle lens review

    • haha, thanks Melissa! These were the only pink ones with my prescription power number unfortunately, I have astigmatism in both eyes 😦 . So…that makes another person who can’t see so well haha. My real prescription contacts cost close to $200, so I decided when I want to wear contacts this year I might as well have fun with a cheap colored pair. thanks for reading and liking <3.

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