Pinkyparadise white out contact lens review

Hi Fiends 😀

This post has been a draft for quite some time, but I like to really test out lenses (or anything for that matter) before giving an honest, genuine opinion (nope, no one sponsored these for me). I bought the white out contact lenses that come in prescription form from during their Halloween sale in October.

Lens info:

white out lens screen cap


These lenses came a few days before Halloween, just in time! the lenses came in their sealed bottles of solution which was all tightly wrapped in bubble wrap in a small envelope.

white out lenses-1 (1 of 1) sig

white out lenses-3 (1 of 1) sig

white out lenses-2 (1 of 1) sig

top two photos: the lenses in their viles of solution. Last photo: Free orange piggie lens case! so cute :3

white out contacts before and after sig

Top: My eyes in natural daylight

Middle: with contacts in and no flash,

Bottom: contacts with flash

WP_20150122_19_49_01_Pro.jpg blog sig


Pinkyparadise’s lens cases always remind me which one is theirs which I love, I never get them mixed up with my other contacts. These lenses are so comfortable I forgot they are in at times and can wear them for hours, I never wear contacts for more than 8 hours. Since they last 1 year, I wear them year round and get plenty of compliments/questions (do they glow in the dark, can I see properly, what do i see when I wear them etc.). The lens only covers the color of your eye so you can see perfectly fine :). I hope my review was helpful for you picking out that perfect pair of lenses you have been searching for!


PBFiend :3


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