How to Color Eyebrows…

Check out’s hair tips and article on taking care of your hair and inspiration to get your dream ombre hair!!

The creator of the site emailed me asking for tips on embreing your hair so I offered what I’ve learned so far with the experience I have gained with my wigs, I look forward to improving!

My rainbow eyebrows and eyelashes. If enough people would like a tutorial on how I do my eyelashes, I'll make one in the future.

My rainbow eyebrows and eyelashes. Let me know if you want a tutorial on the eyelashes, I will make a tutorial if enough people want one.

This will be a tutorial on coloring your brows, and by that I mean changing the color temporarily. I am currently coloring mine rainbow to match my rainbow hair (No, my brows are not dyed or permanently rainbowed, I seriously got asked these questions quite a bit, teehee). This can be a useful tutorial for people with alternative hair like me who want to match their hair color, Halloween, Cosplay, avant-garde photo shoot etc. or anything else you can think of :). Let’s get started…you will need:

*Elmers glue stick (optional)

* White eyeliner pencil

*Eyeshadow brush


Here I have…

Jan. 9 2015 eyebrows-34 (1 of 1) sig  Left to right (links included): Elmers washable glue stick, Wet n Wild Color Icon Liner Brow and Eye Pencil, revlon double ended smokey eye brush, Sephora collection classic brow filler brush #100, coastal scents ultimate 252 eyeshadow palette

Jan. 9 2015 eyebrows-35 blog sig

Close up of the brushes and eyeliner pencil…

You can use any type of eyeshadow brush, the sephora and revlon brush are just the ones I alternate with.

Jan. 9 2015 eyebrows-7 (1 of 1) sigI start off by running the glue stick along my brows and wait for the glue to dry, it only takes 1 minute and sets my thick, long brows running in one direction that stay in place all day long. Then I run the eyeliner pencil along my brows, going in a back and forth motion until my brows are as white as I can get them.

Jan. 9 2015 eyebrows-14 sigAfter you have a full white brow, go ahead and pat on any eyeshadow color you want. For rainbow, I literally pat each color on when I move on to the next color, I try to blend and connect the colors as closely as I can if that makes sense. That way the colors don’t look “blocky”, I want a smooth transition, pretty much ombre.

blog post eyebrows-1

I use huggies natural care baby wipes to wipe the eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow off my brows at the end of the day, along with any other makeup on my face such as foundation. I wipe my eye makeup off with coconut or olive oil.

ombre eyeshadow collage blog sig

To the left: before, during, and after! To the right: All different combos…

There are all different color combinations you can make with brows, so go out there and rock those brows, have fun, and I hope this was informative/helpful etc.

PS: In some of the photos I am wearing purple contacts, they are from You can check out my review of these purple lenses here in an older post, I love them and plan to review more soon! I am an affiliate of UNIQSO, so if you enter my code that can be found reading my review you get a discount 🙂 .

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