jimmyfashionshop storenvy scam…

Imagemodeling one of Jimmyfashionshop’s products

Around February I emailed an online store I really liked:



I bought a hat from them and every time I stepped out of the house in it I always got compliments along with “where did you get that hat?”. On top of that the service was super friendly, great shipping etc. So much so I bought the same hat for a friend because she loved my hat that much.The products and everything for the store are great.

I emailed the company asking to promote them and I accepted their offer to become an affiliate for them. We agreed I get 5% commission for people who buy through me. I asked them if they could send me business cards I could pass out for them. They did not have any so they asked me to create business cards for them.This is what I sent them:

Imagegender neutral version (right) female version (left)

In the following weeks I created two different versions and when they gave their approval I went ahead and printed them. When they asked me how much it cost for everything I treated all of this as a freelance job and asked for $120. It took me a few hours for each type of business card and I charge by the hour. They told me that was too expensive but by then I had printed the cards. I printed the first version and it cost me $30, I informed them but I never received a reply from them:


my response:


Vivian liked the cards and requested I print 300 of them, but asking to be paid my freelance price for this assignment of $120 was too much.

Let’s say If I tried printing 300 business cards for $10 (or less) and did it on a home printer, that would still be costing me my paper, time, and ink. I don’t know if this woman knows how the design/freelance industry works. You could say “neither do you” but at least I know to pay a stranger back for making promotional material for a company. If I made these at home I can’t imagine cutting out cards on, what, copy paper? with normal scissors? they would look like total crap. When Vivian’s idea of business cards seemed to cost less than $10 it all seemed very sketchy to me. After that all I wanted to be paid for was my time and money spent.

Image…I took a screen shot of the vistaprint order of these cards and attached this along with photos showing I had the cards already in an email to Jimmyfashionshop owner Vivian…



…Informing jimmyfashionstop store owner I had printed business cards to pass out for them…


The final product and photo I attached in my email to Vivian.


…but all Vivian asked me if I was passing the cards I made for them in reply?




email after email asking for payment/reimbursement that span over 1 week

In the emails after asking for a serious freelance price and being told it was too expensive I had a hunch what kind of company (or person) I was dealing with and lowered my price, asking for just $50 since I would make a little profit from my work. If that was too much for Vivian I asked for reimbursement of these business cards I made to pass out for them. I would give her a few days to reply then just resend the email. Then I asked every other day, then I asked them every day and asked for payment/reimbursement through their storenvy store contact page. Nothing.

As you can see, I have lost my money and wasted (most) of my time for a business that doesn’t seem to pay back someone their full asking price for going the extra mile to get them customers. I have been scammed. Unless Vivian see’s this post (which I will send to her) and pay’s me, I will cut ties with them. Making some money from being an affiliate (5% of what someone buys through me)  combined with how I am currently being treated doesn’t sound like a job worth keeping. An unscrupulous business like this or any  business out there doesn’t deserve my near-free labor. I suggest others to not support a business who treats people like they did with me by ignoring them and being unprofessional. I also don’t want other freelancers to fall into the situation I did by doing awesome work for crap people and being taken for granted.

If something comes up I will edit and update this post…stay tuned?

Thanks for reading :3

UPDATE: As of April 8, 2014 the company has not responded to any of my emails In the last few weeks or my email including this blog post I sent them this week. I have cut all ties with this company and Vivian. Friends, thanks for supporting me this entire time, I have learned some lessons.


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