*~ UNIQSO.com review- barbie puffy 3 tone violet circle lenses ~*

Edit: I no longer support this company in any way. Here is my explanation as to why.

Hey there, it’s PBFiend!!

I decided to do a review of my first ever pair of circle lenses. I have been dying to buy colored contacts for years ever since I first discovered them. This is the first year I have ever worn contacts as well, getting a special prescription for my astigmatisms was worth it though. My first choice was gold but after not liking many choices online (I will find a kick ass pair soon, I’m picky) I went with my second choice: purple. I bought an awesome pair of 3 toned violet contact lenses from uniqso.com. The outer edge is violet with flecks of goldish brown, then a darker brown at the center. I tried to capture the colors well enough on camera. I ordered them February 17th and they came the day of my birthday, March 13th 🙂 .



ImageWhen I unwrapped the package the lenses were wrapped in bubble wrap inside this cute box. The left photo is the top box (I ripped it open from giddiness overload, it did not arrive damaged). The right photo is the bottom of the box. The artist in me noticed the little details of the box that I personally really loved, I liked each side of the box where the bear had different cakes in front of him saying “thank you” in different languages ❤ .

Here is some more info about these lenses before the eye photos down below:

Imagecredit: http://www.uniqso.com/barbie-puffy-3-tones-violet

The maximum use for wearing circle lenses is 6 hours a day. I should have waited to take photos of every step, but I opened everything and let my contacts soak in solution almost all day right after I got the package, which I walked through the hail to get. Totally worth it. My bottles had a plastic top then aluminum under it you had to take off, those babies were sealed safe and tight. The below photo is the empty bottles.




ImageJust look at those intricate flecks of goldish brown! they add a great touch.

Overall these lenses are very comfortable, near the 6 hour mark they feel dry to me but that can be fixed with eye drops. I get tons of compliments when out and about. Wish I could tell everyone it was au natural 😀 . Many people with dark eyes have written reviews showing these show up on their eyes beautifully. To add a few more things…

UNIQSO.com is not just home to contact lenses. They also have…

  • contact lens solution
  • false eyelashes (types: glitter, flexible, paper, double and triple flex, underlash)
  • circle lens cases
  • CC Cream + BB cream
  • Gift Vouchers
  • makeup remover
  • Lip tattoo’s
  • Upcoming youtube makeup tutorials
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • double eyelid tape
  • eyelash glue (one type has collagen in it which strengthens the skin and soothes eyelids among other benefits)
  • Discounts and reward points for every purchase to save for the future.

Communicating with UNIQSO.com was incredibly easy and clear, they were very nice and professional. Their website is set up nicely and offers many useful tabs to answer questions for newbies like I was such as how to wear circle lenses, how to order etc. I am an affiliate of UNIQSO.com, enquiring about joining their program was easy for me. If you want to buy lenses from this site (they offer an unbelievable range of lenses of all different varieties) here is a link:


You can use the coupon code “UNIQ” for a 10% off discount when you buy anything from their store.

UNIQSO.com’s instagram: http://www.uniqso.com/uniqso-instagram

UNIQSO.com’s blog: http://uniqsoblog.blogspot.com/

thank you for reading!!


5 thoughts on “*~ UNIQSO.com review- barbie puffy 3 tone violet circle lenses ~*

  1. omg, Bjork kicks ass! Thanks, Melissa ❤ . I should probably include a photo from farther away of my fave because from far away my eyes look completely purple, it's awesome! I can't wait to get more crazy ones in the future.

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