Another thank you post~

My university recently picked one of my photos I submitted to be published in the schools art magazine and was also chosen to be featured in an art show downtown. I was overjoyed when I received the email telling me it had been selected late last year. It actually feels like I am going somewhere with my artwork which makes me really happy. It also feels like I bring a little awareness to people who do not know about my step grandfathers diseases when people ask me about my photo.

green bean-1 HDR

green bean-11 HDR

The artworks were put up in this awesome little coffee shop. My piece will stay up for one month and I will be able to have it after one month. I can’t wait to frame it!!

green bean-5 HDR

(Photo is the black and white one)

My photo was of my step grandfather suffering from dementia and parkinsons. I took this photo when my family threw a surprise birthday party for him. This moment is when I photographed him blowing out his birthday candle. A side effect of Parkinson’s is the lack of facial expression. Loss of dopamine affects the facial muscles, making them stiff and slow. Some people refer to this as “stone faced” or “Parkinson’s mask”, as the face does not express how the person feels. As the disease progresses the person is slow to blink, smile, and frown. They also stare off into the distance more.

green bean-15 (1 of 1)-2

Last- A big thank you to my friends for joining me that night in the art and live music! and of course for always supporting me <3.

green bean-8 HDR

thanks for reading!


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