DIY black light false eyelashes

EDIT/Disclaimer: To clarify the paint dries on the false eyelashes, they never touch your skin. It stays glued to your eyelid then you take it off when your done wearing them. Your real eyelashes are not affected. I would never put anything up on the internet to endanger/hurt anyone if that makes sense. If you hurt yourself or your eyes in the process, I will not be held accountable for your actions.


My friends birthday is coming up so I made her some custom false eyelashes by request- that glow under black light! This all started when my friends commented on my custom falsies I always modify and wear around. In normal day light these falsies are super bright and eye catching. I used thin false eyelashes I bought from China off of

As far as false eyelashes go you get what you pay for but these were decent for the price.

On to the photos 😀

black light lashes process sig

I used two coats of acrylic neon craft paint from the art store for the yellow, orange, and pink falsies. Green and Blue were such rip offs. Green was watery and I applied about 8 coats of blue paint to my falsies and I wasn’t as happy with the results compared to the others.

black light lashes copy

Orange and yellow falsies in normal daylight. But in black light…

black light lashes-2 sig

DSC_0272 copy sig

DSC_0277 copy sig

Credit: A.L. Krulder Photography

BAM!! My friend loves how they came out so I’m happy. This is the fiend acting all derpy under black light.

Camera settings for these black light photos:

  • Camera: Nikon D3000 mounted on a tripod
  • Camera Setting: Manual
  • Metering: center weighted
  • Exposure: 1/8 sec at f /5.6
  • focal length: 22 mm (lens was a 18-55mm lens)
  • ISO: 1600

thanks for reading and I hope you have fun with this! I’m going to try plain glow in the dark lashes next. see you all soon and stay awesome~


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