~Etsy review- Yoga Blossom Studios and Sisters of the moon~

I can’t wait for Halloween, what about you? I decided to feature a few of my absolute favorite items I have purchased from Etsy this year. Etsy is full of distinctive items with an easy system to buy items. I wear items most people consider only for Halloween but how can I not? they are gorgeous and unique. Let’s get started….

Yoga Blossom Studios

etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/YogaBlossomStudios

Sister Stores: Pear Blossom Studios and Blossom Photo Studios.

Working mother Lisa with two children  sells “yoga inspired lifestyle items”, but everyone is welcome! this store offers a range of beautiful products from necklaces to tights and scarves. You can also request custom orders. Lisa is an art major who loves to paint and do yoga (just like me :D) in her spare time. The mannequin in her etsy photos is also named Ginger…how cool is that?!

I had my eye on a beautiful pair of skeleton tights for months and finally decided to buy them. I don’t regret the purchase at all as the tights are beautiful and comfy.

My tights came in a sealed clear wrap with Yoga Blossom’s cute sticker logo on it.


skeleton tights

The good: comfy, adorable, and affordable price for one of a kind design tights. Friendly seller and efficient, arrived in just a few days from time of purchase.

The bad: Little disappointed the tights were not as white as the original photo.

Score: 4.8/5



Sisters of the Moon

Etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/people/SistersOfTheMoon

website: http://www.sistersofthemoondesign.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SistersoftheMoonDesigns

This mother-daughter team hails from Rhode Island, USA and creates one of a kind, professional works of art. With a family history of seamstresses, Sisters of the Moon specializes in hair falls, adult tutu’s, and hair accessories. These are awesome for any special occasion, rave, or for me: everyday 😀 .

I bought a pair of skeleton barrettes and love how creepy cute they are! this etsy shop also does custom orders! you can request to have your skeleton nails painted or the entire pair. I get stopped and asked by so many different people where I buy them. I can’t wait to buy one of their adult tutu’s!

skeleton barrettes (1 of 1)

Customized Purple/blue fingernail barrettes 😀

pink hair with skeleton clip (1 of 1)

Modeling my new barrettes.

The Good: super cute, affordable, free shipping, fast and efficient, friendly seller

The Bad: No bad here!

Score: 5/5

thanks for reading, hope you find the perfect Halloween accessories this year.


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